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Aurora in Mykolaiv

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Apartment complex “Aurora

Situated in the administrative center of Korabelnyy district in Mykolaiv

At the intersection of Vatutina Str. and Oktjabrskiy Avenue, with 900 m distance to Bugskiy costal lake

The 2nd construction stage: two 10-floored brick-built sections of the house with children’s playgrounds and parking space will be ready for handover in the 2nd quarter 2008.

One- and two-roomed apartments with comfortable planning

Advantageous location at a reasonable distance from the business center

There is a park and a supermarket next to the building.

The view to Bugskiy costal lake is open from the upper floors


Apartment reservation is possible by phone (Mykolaiv): 8(0512) 71 27 27 or 8 067 514 44 51



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