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The Isle of Liberty

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Address: Ljustdorfskaya Doroga 55

Builder: ROSS Invest LLC

Prime contractor: Bereg-ZhilStroy LLC

Building license:  № 66 of 28.03.2008


Deadline: 2nd quarter 2010



Five 16-floored houses; solid - cast framework building structure


Wall cladding: Imported aerocrete

Private protected area, 24 ha

Distance to Ljustdorfskaya Doroga – 200 m

Distance between the sections – 35 m

Apartment number in one house: 112

Place number in the underground parking of the apartment complex: 304

There is a supermarket and a fast-food restaurant in the territory, the total square – 700 m2

15th – 16th floors – 2 level apartments

1st floors of the houses – business areas

24-hour water supply with water storage for 3 natural days in each house

Acoustic isolation and thermal protection between the floors

Imported reinforced plastic windows as well as balcony doors; bay windows

Ceiling height: 3 m

The walls – plaster, the deck floor – underlayment

Room partitions according to the project plan are included in the price

Cold- and hot-water supply to the apartment with installed water meters, no interconnection layout in the apartment

Copper wiring with installed water meter, no interconnection layout all in apartment

Heating and water supply from its own boiler installation

Heating system with radiators assembled according to the project plan


 Views: Fontan, Tairova area, Primorskiy District

Planned construction finishing date – 2nd quarter 2010



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