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Perhaps there is no other place in Odessa where it would be as sunny as in Arcadia. Every morning the sun is rising above this blessed area and setting every evening to begin its way again next morning…

Pedagogicheskaya Street… It’s good to go here for a walk at any time, especially in the summer and in the spring. Upland location makes Your every day light and optimistic, especially if You see the sea out of the window. In addition the vicinity to Fontanskaya Doroga makes it easier to drive out of the building on business. If You like Your housing to be in a good light, “Acapulco” on Pedagogicheskaya Street, which will have been built in 2009, is the best choice for You.

Every citizen of Odessa probably would prefer to live in Arcadia

It’s possible for everyone to find the best living conditions while buying an apartment in “Acapulco”.

Moreover, there are apartments of different dimensions on offer, so it’s easy to find one which is the most convenient for You…


The construction schedules:

                    2nd construction stage




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