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The Star of Hellas

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House after house, face after face the special image of one of the most attractive cities in the world has been created…

And every next house was better than the previous one.

The Star of Hellas is one of the brightest Belletage studio projects under control of J. Belikov. Its face is constructed in keeping with the best traditions of architectural Odessa, as if it was specially created in order to decorate Greek Square by itself. Although, why as if?...

No matter what you choose: a store, an office, an apartment, or a penthouse - The Star of Hellas can’t be considered as a material benefit. It’s one of those rare chances when emotions and impressions become an essential attribute of the real estate superseding all the rational reasons. Alongside with the architectural and technical options   the location of the house in Odessa   historical and business center – on Greek Square   has become a determinative factor.


P. S. Greek Square is the only one – that is why the real estate at the “modern architectural monuments” level will be always maximally marketable… forever and ever….

Look at the construction schedule…


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